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About Tailwater
Tailwater Gallery’s featured artist is Stephanie Woolley. Stephanie’s command of watercolor and acrylics is a result of her passion for capturing what is real. Her intelligent sensitivity allows her paintings to express themselves through the excellent balance of color, which is evident in all her work.

Stephanie Woolley
Stephanie Woolley
Growing up in Pennsylvania near the Brandywine River Valley and living in Taos, New Mexico presented Stephanie with a unique perspective. She has been influenced by the dramatic drawings and paintings of the Wyeth family and the intense clarity and colors of the southwest.

Stephanie’s work has received numerous awards and her paintings are included in many collections throughout the country. A feature article in Southwest Art magazine and various shows are among Stephanie’s many accomplishments.

"[One] is not an artist by virtue of clever technique or brilliant methods: he is fundamentally an artist in the degree that he is able to sense and appreciate the significance of life that surrounds him, and to express that significance to others.

This quote by Howard Pyle sums up the way I feel about painting and why I enjoy such a variety of subject matter: the human form for its challenge and emotional impact, animals for their beauty and humor and of course places where I have fly fished and wish to go again."
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